How to fit a Slate House Sign

Fast Home Installation Guide

Supplied with all fixings as standard..

All our signs will be supplied with wall screws, rawl plugs, screw cap washers and screw cap covers. Following these easy steps will allow you to have your house sign securely on display within an hour


You will need the following equipment to install your slate house sign number or address plaque quick and easy:

1 x Spirit level
1 x Marker pen
1 x 7mm diameter drill bit
1 x Phillips screw driver
1 x Ear defenders
1 x Safety goggles
1 x Protective gloves

Marking & Levelling

Place your sign against the wall. Ideally choose an even and smooth surface area. The spirit level can be placed on top of your sign to make sure it is horizontally level

Simply use your house sign as the template and mark through the pre drilled hole positions with a dark marker pen. This will create marker pen dots as indicator points to be drilled into the wall

Never drill through your sign into the wall 

Drilling Safely

Position your drill on the marker pen dot and slowly apply pressure whilst drilling

Masonry drilling can be quite a dusty task, so we recommend you wear safety googles to protect your eyes and gloves, so that your hands have a better grip on the hammer drill

Power tools are loud pieces of equipment so protect your hearing with ear defenders 

 Drilling a Hole DONT'S

  • Don't use an electric screw driver as to much speed and pressure can cause your sign to crack

  • Don't drill through your sign into the brickwork. Only drill the marker pen dots

  • Don't over tighten your screws as this can damage the surface of the slate

Screwing & Securing

Carefully assemble your screws and screw cap washers placing them through the sign. Try not to scratch the slate surface as honed slate marks very easily

With a phillips screw driver gently tac the screws into the rawl plug

We recommend you tighten the two screws intermittently, so that you get a nice balanced position thats secure without spliting or damaging the slate

Admire your handy work..

Finish off installing your sign buy clicking the screw cap covers onto the washers, nicely hiding and protecting the screws

Screw cap covers are a great way to stop theives from stealing your purchase and protecting the screws from rusting

You have now sucessfully fitted a house sign. Congratulations!