Specialist Enamel Paint

16 September 2019  |  Admin

Customers very often ask me: "What colour paint is best or the most popular for my slate house sign lettering?"

This simple question, (to my mind) opens a whole can of worms. In order to give an appropriate answer, I would first need to put myself in the position of the buyer and decide, which aspects of the slate house sign would be important to me

By far the most important house sign consideration after size, has to be its visibility. After all this is the whole purpose of a sign, right? Can a new visitor, or the postman, find my house easily? If the answer is more often no, then this is an important feature to be considered well when making your selection

Writing as your professional sign maker; what is equally as important to visibility, is the longetivity of the signs deep engraved lettering paint. Producing signs to a high standard with durable lettering was fundamental to me when sourcing my materials. I wanted happy customers!

Metallic Gold Enamel Paint: Video shows Slate House Sign Address Plaque with high pigmented and glossy metallic gold lettering

Be confident that the paint choice you make, whether it is White or Metallic Gold, is permanent and will last the test of time

Here at Riven Stone and Slate Signs we offer a minimum two-year guarantee on all our lettering paint as we use high-quality, specialist UV resistant enamel paint that is fully weatherproof. Our paint has UV blocking technology; there will be no premature fading, peeling or cracking, even with our metallics range. Simply put our Gold will not fade! 

For further details on maintaining and caring for your slate house sign, please see our FAQs